Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Everyone who has read about the young Adivasi girl being stripped on the streets of Guwahati probably knows the direction in which this post is going.

Sexual abuse isn't always about *sex* per se. It's a lot of other, often intangible things.As this young girl was running through the streets of Guwahati naked, and stripped of all dignity, India witnessed a rape. Sure, no intercourse occured, but that trauma and stigma she is facing and will continue facing is tantamount to rape.

What is most horrifying about the incident is the group of smirking perverts taking pictures of her with their handy cameraphones. Finally an elderly man took off his own shirt and gave it to her to put on.

Before she was stripped she was abused verbally, and hit by the group of men who had cornered her.And although I don't know exactly what they called her, I can guess, and my guess is probably pretty accurate.


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