Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tagged by Sam

A is for Aam (Summer's almost here!)
B is for Books
C is for Chinese food, Caturday and Crispy Fried Chicken
D is for Dark Chocolate, Dad and Dirt Biking
E is for Entertainment and Scrooge's first name
F is for Finito
G is for Gypsy
H is for Happy People
I is for Innah
J is for Jeans, Juto and Jontu
K is for Kazzy (which also makes me want to mention Sho) and Kittens
L is for Love, Life, Laziness, LOLcats and Leg Warmers
M is for Mumbai, Mom, Mia, the Moon, Marine Drive and Music
N is for Nouveau
O is for the shape your mouth makes at the same time that your eyes pop out (:O)
P is for Patience, which by the way, always pays
Q is for Questions
R is for Reading, Resting, Riding and Reaping
S is for Shreyaaaa!
T is for Toxic - all the spitefulness that I keep sensing *shudder*
U is for Ugh, Ultra and the Universe
V is for Vending Machine
W is for Witch, cause Witches are the best
X is for Xergosomkia, which I just made up
Y is for Yup, Yep, Yus and all the other forms of Yes we keep experimenting with
Z is for Zzzzzz, which I am perpetually deprived of

I tag Lucid Darkness, Kazarelth, Ghost Rider and Kaye

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