Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Eight steps till I reach the summit, my line breaks and I fall down the rocky terrain
My bones are broken into pieces, my mind can't wait to get up and do it again
I can feel I'm getting stronger, the longer I'm pushed to the limit...

(Someday is now - the Scorpions)

"You never bend, you never break, you seem to know
just what it takes. You're a fighter
It's in the blood, it's in the will, it's in the mighty
hands of steel. When you're standin your ground.
And you never *give in* when you're back's to the wall
gonna fight till the end and your taking it all."

(The Touch - Stan Bush)

"Easy to bitch/ Easy to whine/ Easy to moan/ Easy to cry/ Easy to feel like there ain't nothing in your life

"Harder to work/ Harder to strive/ Harder to be glad to be alive/ But its really worth it if you give it a try"

(Easy - Cowboy Mouth)

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