Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I sermonize with/to myself in my journal sometimes. It serves many purposes: I can spill everything out on paper, and then come back to it later and mull over it as I am prone to do, I can advice myself better and just basically not worry about other people/what they think/how they will take it.


Through everything, I learn.

I learn that it is important to slow down and stop sometimes. It gives you time to process the information that has come to you when you’ve been out there and going fast and doing everything. It’s like an avalanche of information and it’s great, but ultimately works much better when you sit down and let yourself take it in. Prepares you better for the good things coming up and gives you space to let go of pettiness. When you take some time off and then go back to what you were doing, the experience is more special and meaningful.

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