Monday, May 11, 2009

Reign O'er Me

In the evening, summer rain showered itself all over the city. The thick, almost opaque sheets interspersed with gusts of cooling wind embraced everything. There is something stirring inside me as I write this. I stood on the balcony, and noticed everything. I touched the sounds and felt the sights. Each chilling droplet on each window pane, all the dust freely flowing in and out of houses, trees swaying in the wind. The sky and its gifts are offered to us tonight. I accepted them, the droplets on my parched lips, and one by one I let go of my memories. I've been healing and hurting for so long, it's hard to distinguish between pleasure and pain. All the bittersweet mixtures brewing in me for all this time were strummed. Something about the Universe always soothes the worst suffering. Whether it's a moonlit evening by the lake, or tropical rainbursts. My bittersweetness made a lovely tune. I'm still swaying to the music of the rains.

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