Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Forced to be your one and only
Your one and only one
Nursed a little artery to grow
Into a heart
You waited, you waited
You gave of yourself but
It was nothing
You waited for your one and only

Craving my voice my mirror my
Painted autumn sun dance
Waited for you to teach me
How it was done
But you gave of yourself
Too much, the perfect one
She was always the victim
Always the wronged one

Remember, remember those
Golden days when told
You were beautiful you turned
A bitter cold empty heart
To your only artery
What of it? You said,
What of it?

The perfect one,
She was always the victim
The wronged one
Gave too much of herself
And her beauty
What of it, she said
And her bitter cold heart
Watched her only artery
Turn blue and red and blue

It’s turning red again,
Perfect one
On my knees I beg you
Forgive, be your one and only one
Waited for your reward your only salvation
Nothing comes of nothing
Your lesson is right here

Watch me walk away
Head high, no guilt
For being my one and only one.

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