Sunday, October 5, 2008


...well, sort of. I got Mia home last year on 4th October, when he was a few months old, and according to the vet (who shall henceforth be known as bloodyraskillvet) a girl. Some kitty pictures of Mia to celebrate this beautiful and momentous occasion:

I remember him now, on his first day at his new home. Him jumping onto the bed repeatedly, waking up to find him sniffing my face, his furry little body curled up on my lap in absolutely blissful slumber.

I have a thousand memories. And a lifetime of gratitude and love for this little thing who I got home one day because I realized I had grown too attached to him to leave him behind. He was mine, out of all the rest, and so I had to bring him home.

You light up my life, baby. I love you unconditionally.

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